O Soto Gari

Major Outer Reaping

Please allow time for the graphics to load, this is an animated sequence  
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This throw is frequently attempted and usually poorly.  The key areas are that the balance is not broken correctly and the leg not advanced enough to properly sweep away the opponents leg.  In the animation below one can see that the balance is being broken very decisively by Uke being lifted upwards as Tori makes a clear step alongside Uke before reaping away his leg.  Because Uke is being floated in this way, there is not much he can do to respond and therefore Tori does not have to worry about the danger of advancing to close in the way that is normally seen by club Judoka.


Here you can see the key components of this throw frame by frame:



Shona's Throw

Many of Shona's contests are won with O Soto Gari. She has developed a very powerful sweep which she usually brings into effect as her opponent makes an error in their balance as they attempt to advance onto her.

A very telling example of the power of this throw can be seen in this short video

Shona at the Welsh Nationals