Utsuri Goshi

Changing Hip

Please allow time for the graphics to load, this is an animated sequence  
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Utsuri Goshi is attempted as a counter when ones opponent is turning in for a hip throw or should throw.  Here, Uke is attempting Tsuri Komi Goshi and Tori is reacting 'instinctively' to Uke's attack by dropping his hips in Jigotai and then lifting Uke upon his own hip, but as Uke reaches the apex of the lift and is 'floated', Tori twists so that Uke now rests on his rear hip and can be thrown with a standard hip throw.


Here you can see the key components of this throw frame by frame:



Lots of practice!

Utsuri Goshi is a very powerful technique as it combines a counter throw with a technique which should bring off a solid Ippon. The key is the moment when Tori 'switches' hip and to get this right it needs lots of practice. But then like so much in life, practice is the key to good Judo!