Sasae Tsuri Komi Ashi

Propping Drawing Ankle

Please allow time for the graphics to load, this is an animated sequence  
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It should be noted how Tori feints an attack with his left leg thereby forcing Uke to withdraw his right leg.  With Uke's whole weight now upon his left leg, Tori changes direction and 'props' the left leg of Uke whilst forcing him around whereupon he loses his balance completely and is thrown to the floor.


Here you can see the key components of this throw frame by frame:



David Sensei

When he was younger and used to compete regularly this was one of his favourite throws. Advancing towards his opponent who would take a step back, David would pull on the opposite side in a fashion similar to throwing something over ones shoulder and at the same time would block the ankle thereby forcing his opponent to spin round and onto the floor. If the opponent was a lot heavier, as the foot blocked the ankle, David would apply his whole body weight to one side in order to force his opponent around.