O Uchi Gari

Major Inner Reaping

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This is a great throw to use as a combination for almost any hip or shoulder technique such as Morete Seoi Nage, Ippon Seoi Nage, Tsuri Komi Goshi or Uki Goshi.  In this demonstration you can see Tori is turning into Tsuri Komi Goshi and Uki resists by dropping his hips.  At that point Tori changes to O Uchi Gari as Uke's balance is now to his rear and falls backwards as a consequence.


Here you can see the key components of this throw frame by frame:


The demonstration below is the 'sticky foot' practice to enable Judoka to learn the right technique.  By having Uke 'sit' in this position, they are being held up by Tori who knows when he has got the right position by his inability to lift his forward foot as it is supporting Uke's weight.  He can then advance quickly and reap the foot away to throw Uke.  This practice helps develop a good solid throw for when needed in a more natural setting.



Bob Sensei

Being shorter than almost all of his opponents, Bob likes throws that allow him to easily get underneath and attack. With a strong pull to take Uke off balance, Bob can advance and then take away their leg to throw them to the rear with this technique.

As the initial attack is the same with his other preferred techniques, Uke is not sure with the initial pull if the actual attack is going to be to the rear or the front and is not able to properly defend. This is why this throw is so often used as a counter for the hip and shoulder techniques.