Hiza Guruma

Knee Wheel

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Hiza Guruma has three 'core' components to it; the 'step', the 'knee' and the 'steering wheel'.  The first part is the 'step'.  Ideally Tori wants to attack Uke's trailing leg, so he might make a feint for that leg forcing Uke to withdraw it or will take advantage of Uke's movement around the mat.  Tori needs to break Uke's balance in a forward and upward motion and this is achieved by a step to the side and in front of the opposite leg that Tori wishes to attack.  He then lifts his other leg which must be locked straight and props it against Uke's knee.  At the same time, the 'steering wheel' comes into effect when Tori rotates both arms in a manner similar to turning a corner in a car to guide Uke over the knee in a big 'wheel' motion.


Here you can see the key components of this throw frame by frame:



Great for Combinations

Hiza Gurama works well in combination either to or from O Soto Gari. It can also be combined with De Ashi Harai, Harai Goshi and a number of other throws. It also works as a counter to O Uchi Gari and even itself ie. Hiza Gurama is countered by Hiza Gurama.

A very versatile throw, it should be in every Judoka's repertoire.