De Ashi Harai

Advancing Foot Sweep

Please allow time for the graphics to load, this is an animated sequence  
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Here you can see that the Uke's right leg is slightly in front of their body line leaving themselves vulnerable for this throw.  Tori sweeps the leg away with his own left and at the same time applies a small amount of pressure to the left and down with his hands to make sure that Uke can not recover.


Here you can see the key components of this throw frame by frame:




This throw is not normaly a favorite amongst shorter people. However, Victoria has a very wide range of techniques and has used this effectivly to bring down Jessica in the Junior Nationals in 2010.

As Jessica allowed her right leg to stray to far to the front, Victoria caught her foot with this throw and took Jessica down for Ippon. Of all the throws, it is possibly the most subtle yet deadly.

Jessica v Victoria