David Alfert 2nd Dan BJC

Competition Success

David entered the National Grade & Vets 2009 Competition ..... He got squashed!  
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In Action

David enjoyed considerable success when younger at club, area, county and nationally.  Now he lives on past glories (however see latest success at very bottom of page).


Through a process of deduction, David has managed to establish that this photo was taken in 1975 at the Yoshinkwai Club after competing in the BJC Junior Nationals.  He is seen with the Gold medal in the 'Open' category on the right sporting his Andre Previn hairstyle.  On the left is Michael Edenborough who gained the Gold in the 3rd Kyu category.  The boy in the middle is currently unidentified.


In the above picture also taken in 1975 David is standing on the right still with the same terrible haircut.  He is holding the Gold medal in the 'Green and above' category in the Middlesex Area County Championships.  On the left again is Michael Edenborough who took the Silver.  Next to Michael is Daniel Long who was an exceptionally talented Judoka.  Although very short (he is just one year younger than David who is rather on the short side himself) he made up for this lack of stature with excellent technique, balance and speed.  Unfortunately, at becoming a Senior he found the competition to tough and having become demoralised he gave up Judo.  The fourth boy is currently unidentified.

Yoshinkwai Judo Club Championship
From Left Clockwise:  Silver, year and grade unknown.  Gold, year and grade unknown.  Silver Junior Open 1973.  Gold Novice Grade 1972.
Middlesex Area Championships
From Left Clockwise:  Bronze 1974 unknown category.  Bronze year and category unknown.  Bronze year and category unknown.  Gold Lightweight Men Open Grade 1977.


Gold South East Area Championship 1973 5th Kyu (Yellow belt)


Middlesex Area Xmas Championship 1973 4th Kyu (Orange belt)


Gold South East Region 1974 4th Kyu (Orange belt)


Silver Middlesex Area Xmas Championships 1974 Junior Open


Gold Junior Nationals Open 1975 (by weight not grade)

Gold Middlesex Area Xmas Championships 1975 (Green & Above)


Gold BJC National Championships 1976 Lightweight Men Open Grade


The above tankard was presented by the Edenborough family in 1975 as a 'Lightweight Men' trophy in the club Christmas Competition.  It was meant to be an 'Annual' trophy where it was given back each year.  In the first year David won it (probably much to the Edenborough parents dismay) and he continued to win it every year up until 1982 when unfortunatly the club closed.


This has nothing at all to do with Judo.  However David Sensei is rather proud of it.  This trophy was won in Livingo, Italy for the Slalom held on the last day of the holiday in 1990.  There were forty participants who were started with 20 seconds between them.  David was one of the last to start and set up such a pace that he overtook the person in front on the third from last gate (which was rather tricky to avoid a crash).  His time was 28.2 seconds with the person coming second at 31.9 seconds.  There was less than five seconds separating the rest of the particpants.  After the trophies were awarded the ski instructor came up to David and said "I knew that you would come first, you were the only one who didn't care if you would be alive or not by the time you reached the bottom".


On the 21st November 2010 David Sensei entered the BJC Senior National Championships and gained Silver in the over 45 years Dan grade category (otherwise known as the Veterans).