Roy Brewseter Sensei 4th Dan BJC

In Action

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In Action
Competition Success


This picture was taken in 1974 where Roy competed in the National Championships.  This contest was won with Roy's text book Harai Goshi for Ippon.


The pictures below were taken in 1983 when Roy was demonstrating Kimi no Kata (traditional self defence forms) at a club sponsor marathon to raise funds for a new mat.

Above is the first stage of defence against knife attack from the side.  The knife is deflected with the leading hand whilst a 'distraction' blow is delivered to the head.  The purpose of this blow is to dis-orientate the attacker.

The second part is to transfer the grip to the other hand and to extend the attacking arm taking the opponent off balance whilst applying an arm-lock with the same arm and with other, a strangle is applied.